What People are saying about G-Man!

Ruggero...I knew that this was a presentation that I would not want to miss! Thank you for such a powerful delivery on your X-Factor theory. Your method and messages were easily understood by all. My take-away of E+R=O will help me in many areas of life. To all who missed it, follow Ruggero (aka "G") on Facebook "XFactors2Success" so you can learn more about this formula and catch his next presentation. I know I will. Thanks to Helen and gang for opening the floor to another great presentation.
~Ren S.
Tonight was a great night for a superb speaker and colleague. Ruggero was... inspiring. Energetic. Empowering. Funny. Honest. Sincere. A real LOA Practitioner. The passion he has for his chosen field came out at every turn. I have heard "G" speak several times and each time I get something new from his lectures. His XFactors2Sucess workshop brought to light what holds us back and how we can overcome these obstacles to success. Thank you, G!
~Helen C.
"G" is an outstanding speaker who's energy is contagious. The material he presented today was not only informative, but left me inspired to go out and make changes. He makes those changes so simple to grasp, and reinforces them with examples and exercises that completely lock in the concepts. He is exceptional at speaking with the audience (not "at" the audience) and is equally talented at keeping the group involved and focused.
~Jim G.
Thank you so much for sharing your energy, passion and your powerful message. Look forward to hearing your message again and can feel your success.
G was an awesome speaker. Very inspiring and informative seminar.